Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's new, old, and why we have been so crazy lately!

Lots have things have happened since our last blog and not all good. First I want to apologise to all my existing clients. Our work flow has be halted for two weeks so far because of a bad thing that has happened to us.   As you may or may not know we where moving into a new studio with another photographer (we will not say her name because we believe if you don't have nothing nice to say then don't say nothing at all) 
Well we started moving in, had a key, and even did a shoot there and she decided that she did not want us to move in after all. The worst part is the way we found out that she did not want us in there was she changed the locks and had the stuff we had moved in sitting inside by the front door. Well because of this we lost our lease on our current studio and where out on the street. I was absolutely devastated by this, I worked so hard to get where I am and spent a lot of money on tenant improvements for our other studio. We would not have left this place if it was not for her word that we could move in. I cannot believe that someone that has been in the industry so long could have such low morals and integrity. With that said we are in the search for a new studio. We did find a place we feel that will be a great place to shoot it is at 21st and P in the heart of midtown. We are very excited to be a part of it, it has a brick wall, stressed wood wall, and is hugh with lots of potential. We are still however looking for an office in the area, so if anyone knows anyone with about 200 square feet or more for a reasonable amount of rent, send them our way. 
Besides that.... What's new!
On another note, you will notice some exciting changes happening. I am bringing on a partner Lindsey Banks, and what you see are our new logos. We will be called Banks Yorston Studios . You will also notice that we will soon have a new portrait website.  It should be up and running within the week. We will post a blog when that is up. 
We are also starting to work with two local Modeling and Acting Agents in getting deals for Models and Actors by offering a special on modeling and Acting portfolios.  After doing a lot of research we now offer packages for inspiring actors and models. There are a lot of not so honest agents and companies that charge as much as $695 just for a 4 look shoot, that does not even include anything. You can find that information once we launch our new portrait website.
AFWPI Calendars!!
Well fun things are happening in the Association of Wedding Professionals world. They are doing 3 calendars Gals of AFWPI, Guys of AFWPI, and Couples of AFWPI. I was picked to be one of the gals of and me and my husband Scott where picked to be one of the Couples. We are trying to figure out what kind of shoot we want to do for that. I will also be photographing Mike Regan and Laurie Smazel for their spreads... Fun stuff!!
What's to come in upcoming blogs!
Because of our hiccup I have been slacking on our blog, I will soon be posting Kristin & Chad's Wedding at Wilson's Vinyard and Rene and J.P. at Sogno Winery. 
I also will be posting some cute photos that I took of baby Kingston at the new studio.
I am excited to be going to Monterey Sunday to do an engagement shoot for Candace and Freddy. Next week I will be going to Napa to do an engagement session during a grape stomping festival!!! Cool Stuff!!
Also, Casey and Larissa's wedding is this weekend so look for their photos to come. 
We thank all of our amazing clients for being so supportive and understanding through a VERY difficult time. We promise we will make it up to you with amazing customer service once we get settled in our new place. If you need anything please reach out to us, we love to hear a friendly voice. Let us know what you think of our new logos!!! 

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