Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sexy Girl Photography is born

JYP is introducing our new logo and name for our boudoir and glamour portraiture. We have secured and are modeling our logo and marketing around this name. We will also be launching a new website just for boudoir and Glamour. Keep an eye out for that. Below are some examples of our logo and we would love your input on your favorites. Please post your comment on which one you like best, it will help us figure out which way to go. We appreciate your support and we look forward to launching our new logo.
You will also notice that we restructured our pricing and are looking forward to doing more parties. The pricing is much more enticing to invite your friends.

Nicole & Curtis' Engagement Photos - Union Valley Lake

Nicole and Curtis where able to come up and meet me at Union Valley Reservoir while I was on vacation. They came up Friday and we met right before sunset. We where rewarded with an amazing sunset. Nicole and Curtis are going to be married on August 2nd at Holy Trinity, reception to follow at Sogno Winery in Shingle Springs. I am looking forward to doing their wedding, they are a fun couple and are fun to work with.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jasmine and Daniel's Engagement Photos

Jasmine and Daniel came in today to do their engagement photos. Their wedding is this Saturday in Stockton. Here are some of the images that we took. Keep an eye out for some photos from their wedding. My make-up artist Kristi is out of town so I did her make-up.

Julie and Warren's Wedding - Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Julie and Paul's ceremony was at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento. This is the first time that we have shot at that location and we were excited to be there. We arrived before the bride and groom and where able to get some really cool shots of the outside of the church. Julie arrived in a limo outside the church, she had a smile on her face right away and we knew we where going to have fun. She informed me that they just found out that the best man had been in a car accident and they did not know anything yet. We went to the room that they where going to get ready and she pulled out her dress. We quickly got to work and took some amazing shots of it with our creative lighting. She informed me that she wanted to do some creative french neveau style photos in her bridal lingerie. We had her do some in her corset and had so much fun doing so. Her mother and girls assisted her into her dress and we went outside to get started on her photos. We got some outside on the lightrail platform and duplicated the Beatles walking across the street with the girls. Julie informed me that she wanted to go to The Pyramid brewery and have a drink with the girls. She informed me that while she was attending Catholic school classes every week they would go and have a drink there. They went there so much they invited the bartender to their wedding. We went over there and the girls had a large beer. Once they where finished we found a really cool alley with a red wall where we got some fun photos. The girls went inside because the guys where arriving. Warren and his groomsmen arrived in a limo ready to party. We quickly took them to the same alley and also got some great shots of them in front of the cathedral. We finished with the guys and got ready for the ceremony. The ceremony was a full catholic mass, it was a great mass and went well. Once the ceremony was over everyone went outside where Julie and Warren got ready to release some doves. It was a beautiful release and the doves even stayed together in the sky as they flew off together.
We took several photos in front of the church and realized that our time had come to go to the reception at the ballrooms. We arrived at the ballroom and Mike Regan with MR DJ service had set up the room with stunning pink lights and a large monogram above the bride and groom. His attention to the lighting made our job so much easier by giving us ambient light to work with in an otherwise dark room. Julie and Warren made where announced into the room where they where greeted by their bridal party in a line. They made an annoucement and we got onto dinner. Dinner was amazing there was a smoked tri-tip and wonderful sides. Their amazing details included customized labels for their wine bottles, beautiful flowers atop tall crystal vases (that the guys used for beer glasses later in the reception) and a cookie bar of their favorite cookies for their guests to enjoy.
The reception continued with ease and perfection as Mike Regan lead the way. It started with a toast from the Best Man (who was feeling the accident but drugged enough to get through the night, We know he was hurting the next day) and Julie and Warrent were dazzeled with a slideshow produced by Mike Regan. The night continued with their first romantic dance, father daughter dance, and mother son dance. They went into a longest married dance where the winner won the bridal bouquet. The garder toss was a fun event. The groom (Warren) came out with a extra large drinking goblet full of champagne and a extra extra large cigar. He gave it to his feisty bride and she showed him who was boss. Once he craftly removed the garder to her fancy he put it on an 49er football and threw it into the crowd, where he later signed the football for the lucky receipient. The couple went on to cut their cake in a very fun fashion, lets just say they enjoyed it. Once they cut the cake and where done, Julie decided she wanted more of that wonderful cake.
The party continued with lots of dancing, drinking from vases, and fun until midnight. Mike Regan had all the guests arrange themselves on the street to their exit vehicle with sparklers to show the couple off. The couple went through the sparklers and got into their covertible red corvet and went off into the night.
Julie and Warren we had so much fun at your wedding, we cannot wait to put together your album. Thank YOU for having us for your wonderful day!

Christeen & Ben Farley's Wedding - Lake Tahoe

Tahoe weddings are so much fun, we truly enjoyed Christeen and Ben's wedding. Lindsey and I went up to Tahoe the day of their wedding. When we arrived in Christeen's room in the suite at Cal Neva Resort she had already had her make-up done and was resting on the couch. Her girls where next door getting their make-up done while she was studying her vows that she wrote. We went ahead and went to the ceremony reception site at the North Lake Tahoe Covention Center. WOW it did not look like any convention centers we have been to. It was location on Kings Beach and the ceremony backdrop was the beach. We where pleasantly surprised when we saw the black and red decorations and the really stunning details. They had a music note ice sculpture, their cake was a teared beauty, and they had wine glasses that had their quote Health, Wealth, and Prosperity. We met up with the guys and did some quick photos on the beach with Ben but quickly got him inside because Christeen was arriving. We got her getting ready in her room then because of time constraints waited to do her portraits after the ceremony. We took the guys down to the beach and got some great photos of them having a blast. The ceremony was romantic, luckily I was informed that one of the ring bearers was going to play a joke and throw a fake ring onto the beach, but for reasons that I do not know it did not happen. The ceremony was presented by a friend of the couple that introduced them. Ben wore sunglasses through the ceremony, but it did not hide the tears and feelings that he clearly felt for his new bride. After the beautiful ceremony we took the family and bridal party down to the beach, because of the bright sunlight we had some fun with the girl in the sun, their beautiful red dresses and well done make-up allowed for this to happen, most girls I wouldn't even consider this. Christina and Ben practiced during the posed portraits their dance moves for their first dance. The sky was so blue and the water stunning. After we did some photos we went into the reception where Christina and Ben did their first dance, where if I remember right they had only practiced for 2 weeks. (Amazing guys!!! ) We went into dinner, it was a wonderful spread of several different selections. After the couple ate, we went out on the beach for some more photos. I could just tell they had so much love for each other. The reception continued with some amazing speaches. The father of the groom had some great inspiring stories, and Ben was a wonderful speaker, walking around the room while telling about their story. The party got crazy after that, the DJ was a FM 102 DJ and he knew how to get the party going. The dance floor was full all night, including the brides father and mother and many guests til the end. Thank you Christina and Ben for having us on your wedding day, we had so much fun. We also look forward to doing trash the dress soon. Christeen is going to get into her dress and go wake boarding while Ben drives the boat. Keep an eye out for those photos. Images to come we are having problems uploading them at this time.