Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stephanie and Matt Gentry, Newcastle wedding gardens

Here are a few photos from Stephanie and Matts wedding, they are a great couple. The wedding was very emotional. The location the Newcastle Wedding Gardens might be one of my favorites!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Anna & Brett Ballard - 11/09/08

Cara & Tim's Wedding 11/8/08 - St. Joseph's Catholic Church Clarksburg CA

Cara & Tim where married at St. Joseph's Catholic Church on 11.08.08. It was a cold but overcast day. It rained on the way to their reception at Valley Hi Country Club, but stopped when we where ready to do photos there. This was the most energetic group of people, they danced all night long, we had a blast. Scott my husband helped me with this one, Lindsey was doing her own wedding. 

(pic of the medicine bottles)
Cara is a Pharmasist so they had a Candy Bar and the wedding was done in a medical theme. These bottles where used to hold the candy from the candy bar. 
(pic with the orange glasses)
I think these glasses where an inside thing and the veil on Tim is a new tradition. :) 
(Dog walking down the isle)
This dog was the priests dog. He decided in the middle of the ceremony to go and say 'hi' to the bride. He sat behind the priest most of the time. Funny thing is the wedding I had the week prior a grey cat did the same thing. LOVE IT!!!

(pic with ring in flower)
This ring was not Tim's original ring for Cara. The first was stolen from him, so he called around and the family had this ring from the 1920's! Beautiful! What a lucky girl. 

(cake eating sequence)
I love this sequence! He was going to be good then she decided she wanted first squish. So they went at it. This could have ended bad, but they love each other and had a cake kiss! 

Note to bride and groom:
Cara and Tim we had so much fun with you. Your family was SOOOO amazing, I have never seen such cool mothers and your bridal party was so fun! You are truly blessed to have both your parents still married you have a great foundation to build upon! 
The rest of your photos are soon to follow. If you are a quest of this wedding, email or call Cara and Tim for a password. You can view and purchase photos from our website!