Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garry and Nirupa's Wedding - July 4, 2009 - Davis CA

Brett, Garry's son-in-law helping him get ready

The best man

Anna, Garry's daughter does a reading.

Nirupa's son and daughter sang a song for them after the ceremony. They are so talented!

This is my favorite pick of the two of them, it is so natural and you can tell how happy they are.

I make it my mission to get a photo of one of the kids at every wedding to hold my card up.
Anna and Brett and his family. I had so much fun with this family and Anna and Brett's wedding, it was so great to see them again.

That face is priceless!

I had the privilege to shoot Garry's daughters wedding last year Anna and Brett, and felt honored to shoot his wedding with his love Nirupa. The wedding was on 4th of July in a nice quaint church in Davis. Shooting the wedding in a dark church, with a window behind them and we where not able to use flash was a challenge, but I LOVE a challenge. I enjoyed working with this couple, both are teachers and met at work. Here are a few photos that I took of their day.