Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My plans and aspirations for 2011

I have been so inspired by the women that I have met this year. I am so blessed to be a part of something so inspiring and my clients make every moment worth it.
I started working when I was 14 at misc jobs, some I loved some I didn't love so much and I always felt that I was meant for something else. As a young girl I used to love to draw the female face and little did I know what that would lead to.
I am excited about the new year and look forward to implementing my new products and events. I have brought on a wonderful photographer named Holly she is amazing and she has already started getting me organized! I am so excited to get her trained so we can offer two photographers and more time-slots.

Besides what we have done here are things to look forward to for 2011..

#1 as much as I love photography and art, I LOVE writing just as much. I truly enjoy short stories that touch people. My goal for this year is to start something that will help women. I am not sure where I am going to take it but I was thinking of short stories of women finding their identity back. I would love to write something touching and romantic, but we will see, I am only one person and there is only so many waking hours in the day.

#2 Goddess Wear Launch!
I am working on some amazing designs for Goddess wear. I am going to be launching t-shirts, underwear, and mens shirts. I am going to so designs similar to affliction shirts. The mens shirts will say something like "my wife is a goddess" and the women's shirts will say "I am goddess" I would love any ideas anyone had, mainly companies that would be able to support this and maybe any partners for the finanical side of it.

#3 St. John Virgin Islands!
I have set a date! I am going to St. John even if nobody wants to go with me. I am having major island withdraw. I am working on right now the packages that will be available and the dates are going to be July 1st through the 9th. We can add days if we need to, I am working with a travel agent and Mary from www.islandstyleweddings.com to set this up. If you are getting married in this time frame, let me know, we can work a great deal...

#4 Expansion of our studio!
Right now we have one room in the studio to shoot in, although I love love love it, I want to be able to offer more backdrops etc. In order to do this, we are hoping to move to the other half of the upper floor at the studio. We are going to be putting in a dressing room where we can offer more options to the girls outfits and more.

#5 Exciting NEW products
We offer some Amazing album products that we love love love, but we are going to be offering some really cool additions so those albums.
We have started offering for Valentines the Accordian and Accordian Mini Albums a perfect addition to your album and a great item to put in your purse.
We will be also offering the Photo throw! It is a beautiful blanket of your favorite photo it will always keep you in his mind!
We also we will be offering some really cool products that will launch in our 2011 catalog

#6 Goddess Calendar!
We are VERY excited about this. We are going to do a small release this year for this calendar. It will feature our top 12 girls of the year. It is going to Launch February 1st and will be available for $20.
For 2012 we will be doing a year long contest. All of our Goddess clients (with their permission) will be entered on our facebook page and you can vote for your favorite girl. In November we are going to be having an event to announce the winners where we will do an extensive photoshoot with each girl. We are even thinking about taking girls to the virgin islands but that is really going to depend on funding of the calendar. This isn't just about the hottest girl, it will be about the most amazing transformations. There will be a before and after photos of each girl. We are going to be donating part of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness so we would love to have at least one girl in the calendar that has gone through a mastectomy and reconstruction. This is still in the early stages but we are very excited about it.

#7 Goddess Girls Coffee Table book
We are also doing a Goddess Girls Coffee table book. It will be a book of all the girls that give us permission to use their photos.

Dee's Testimony about Goddess Boudoir and Sneak Peak at our Goddess Wear!

Goddess Boudoir on Fox 40!


Girls Night Out with Goddess Boudoir

We are very excited about this event. It is going to be at our studio and we are going to have some really cool vendors. I will post them as they confirm
For this event come when you want, but you need to be here to win the giveaways.
Bring your favorite bottle of wine in a brown bag. We are going to be doing a brown bag tasting.
The most exciting things we will be doing is our Boudoir Bucks. For every dollar of Boudoir Bucks you purchase you get 25% more. It is in the form of a gift certificate and you can use it for any of our Goddess Products. Spend $100 and get $125 We will also be having sales on some of our amazing products, you can pre-purchase them at this event as well.
We are also going to be doing a presentation on boudoir and we are going to be sharing some secrets that can make your shoot successful. We will have some clients that have already done their shoot and are going to give testimony to what to expect.
If you come and bring your friend and they book their session you get $25 in boudoir bucks just for bringing them! You must RSVP for yourself and indicate who your friends are to be eligible for this.
We also VERY excited to announce our trip to St. John Virgin Islands from July 1-9th. This is our annual boudoir event. You can come up for the week or as long as you want. Packages are for Whole Day shoot, 1/2 day shoot, and 3 hour shoots. We help arrange your flight and excursions while you are on the island. It is a great unique experience and the photos are going to be WOW!

To RSVP to this event ... Click here

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ayesha's Boudoir Photos - and review

Ayesha came into the studio a while back to do photos for her hubby. She was referred by one of my grooms that works in her office. I have been dying to show her pics and now can since she gave him the album. Here is an email I just got from her
Hey Jodi!

I just wanted to take the time to tell you that my husband absolutely LOVED the book!!!!! The look on his face was priceless and all of his friends are envious...I have also referred at least four women to you as well (fingers crossed).


Great Review I wanted to share

I just got this great email from my bride's mother thought I would share...
I just wanted to tell you how much we all appreciated the kindness and professionalism that you showed to us at the wedding. The photos that you have posted so far are wonderful and I can not wait to see the rest. If I am given the chance in the future, I will surely recommend you. Thanks again for everything.
Lisa Scribner, mother of the bride
(mother pictured with her daughter)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Groom's reaction to his special Wedding Present!

Bryan's reaction to opening his beautiful brides boudoir photos before the ceremony. His reaction was priceless!!! There is no way at this point he is going to have cold anything...

Feren and Bryan's Wedding pics

Me helping the bride. I don't know who picked up my camera but this is what a photographer is about, we just don't take photos, we step in when needed... :)

The groomsmen singing to the bride. They are a quartet and AMAZING!!
This image is amazing because of the amazing uplighting done by Kami and Brandon Storz at Sound Image Entertainmet www.soundimagedjs.com. It looks like a dream!
The candy bar... Always my favorite!

Bryan and Feren got married at The Sacramento Ballroom. It was a Very rainy day with low snow so it was very cold. I was excited to work with Brandon and Kami Storz from Sound Image Entertainment www.soundimagedjs.com. They did some amazing uplighting in this room that just pulled everything together. The ceremony was accompanied by the amazing harpest Pamela Pamperin. The groom Bryan sang his vows to his lovely wife during their ceremony but he got a great gift from her prior to the ceremony, a gift that was sure to warm ANY cold feet.