Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feren and Bryan's Wedding pics

Me helping the bride. I don't know who picked up my camera but this is what a photographer is about, we just don't take photos, we step in when needed... :)

The groomsmen singing to the bride. They are a quartet and AMAZING!!
This image is amazing because of the amazing uplighting done by Kami and Brandon Storz at Sound Image Entertainmet www.soundimagedjs.com. It looks like a dream!
The candy bar... Always my favorite!

Bryan and Feren got married at The Sacramento Ballroom. It was a Very rainy day with low snow so it was very cold. I was excited to work with Brandon and Kami Storz from Sound Image Entertainment www.soundimagedjs.com. They did some amazing uplighting in this room that just pulled everything together. The ceremony was accompanied by the amazing harpest Pamela Pamperin. The groom Bryan sang his vows to his lovely wife during their ceremony but he got a great gift from her prior to the ceremony, a gift that was sure to warm ANY cold feet.

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