Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jodi Yorston Photography - Real Weddings Magazine Cover Shoot

It is super secret as to the details but Jodi Yorston Photography just shot the Cover Model Shoot on Monday. It was so fun the three girls that where chosen where amazing, the location was amazing. I was lucky to have experienced people assisting me for the shoot, Jeff Sharpe, Rex, and my hubby Scott. I was a lucky girl surrounded by 3 awesome guys backing me up and keeping the girls well lit. It cracked me up while lighting the girls from afar I would look over and Jeff would be talking on the phone, writing something down, and the light was perfect.... :) Look for the Magazine to come out in November, to see the latest magazine go to once the issue comes out, I will talk more about it... It is killing me but it will so be worth it!

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