Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yvette & Nicolas Sheedy Wedding - June 6th, 2009

This wedding started at the beautiful Villa Buscuglia Restaurant Jackson CA a gorgeous place that can accommodate up to 100 people (estimated) This location is located in the heart of Jackson CA (Amador County) It is old Italy right here in the US. The beautiful grounds, water surrounded alter, and old Italian feel make this location the best kept secret. If I got married again this would be the place. Yvette and Nicolas where treated so well, they had full access to the whole location.
I met up with Geri Ann Alviso from Flowers Fiesta her amazing flowers where beautiful, original and classy.
The Ceremony was seronated by the AMAZING Billy Blackburn signing with his acoustic guitar, his voice was a far cry from the normal wedding music. Definatley got my attention.
The couple was fun, emotional and gracious hosts and all their friends kept telling us what an awesome party they threw. We where excited to see what that actually meant.
We left the Villa and headed off to the Citizen Hotel for photos and a refeuling. They rented the Governors Suite... what a view. We had a birds eye view of the sunset down J Street and look to the left another view of the captiol, to the right the courthouse.
From there we headed out on the streets to Sophia Italian Restaurant what an amazing place. I had dinner there a few weeks back with my bride and groom in September, but I didn't realize they had a hugh room upstairs that could easily accomidate 50-80 people sitting. I was then treated to an amazing laser light show. When my bride and groom told me about this, I thought maybe a few lasers, but WOW!!! Tim Anderson from Nu-Salt Laser put on a show worthy of Burning Man or Pink Floyd! The DJ whom I did not get his name (he was a little busy) and him put on a show that made me have to stay 1 hour over my contracted time. I am telling you if you are getting married take this wedding as a new trend. Try and stand out from the other weddings, do something original and fun ---- Outside the box is the new trend... make sure you are on board. I am so excited to present this wedding I could not leave out too many images, it was a pleasure to work with all these amazing vendors and professionals.

Feeding each other their cake!
Me doing my thing. My husband Scott helped me with this wedding.

Looking out to the skyline at the Citizen Hotel
Villa Buscuglia

Flowers by Flower Fiesta
Billy Blackburn getting ready for the ceremony.

son's of the groom

Their first dance

Stuffed mushrooms.... yummy!

Ok the groom was kissing the chef of Villa Buscuglia he was so happy with the food. That is happy!

The Governors Suite

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