Friday, June 19, 2009

Jodi Yorston Photography Photoshop touch-up specialist in KXTV Channel 10 - Airbrushing Reality

Jodi Yorston Photography and Goddess Modern Boudoir Portraiture is in the news again talking about photoshop and the realities of Magazines and the women in them. Tish asked to come into my studio and interview me as I shot a model in my studio. She watched as I did extensive editing on her adding make-up, eyelashes, and softening her skin. I talked about young girls and boys growin up with this reality that they need to know is not real. I want to thank Cindy Simas my model who was wonderful enough to volunteer and we did some amazing editing. It is VERY hard to have your face on TV especially looking at the before and after photos. Here are some photos from that shoot before and after.

To see the newscast of our interview click here.

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