Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alicia & Zaya's Wedding - Lake Natoma Inn Folsom CA

Alicia and Zaya's wedding was at Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom CA. Their wedding was on a Sunday. They met with us before the ceremony and decided that they loved photos so much that they wanted to see each other before the wedding. We had so much fun with them , they have known each other since they where 15 and we where so blessed to be a part of their day.

This photo was done in Folsom below the rainbow bridge after the wedding, so we was ok with getting a little dirty .

Walking in the streets of Old Folsom

Alicia really liked detail shots, she had beautiful flowers by Ambience Floral design.
This is the ceremony where Alicia got choked up during a reading. She claimed later after the ceremony that she did not think she would cry.
The ceremony was at Lake Natoma Inn in the Garden. The arch was custom made by the groom Zaya.
My favorite flower the Calla Lilly.

These photos where done prior to the ceremony in the weeds by the parking lot at Lake Natoma Inn. As you can see we had great lighting and Alicia and Zaya where easy to work with.

Alicia could not decide which shoe to wear so she wore both through the day.

The arrival of the flowers from Ambiance Floral design. Georgeous flowers!
I love this shot of he shoes, I might take me out of the photo if I used this photo anywhere but my blog. :) Can you see me?
We really enjoyed this wedding, it was a beautiful day and Alicia and Zaya where a joy to work with.

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