Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am heading to Canada for Christina and Kyle's Wedding

-I am leaving this Wednesday for Christina and Kyle's Wedding in Canmore AB Canada. It is at the Rafter Six Ranch in Canmore. I am going with my husband Scott so if you need to get a hold of me I will not be available. If you need ANYTHING just give Lindsey a call or email her 916-224-7020. I will post images of that wedding when I get back... Going to be fun the high is 41 degrees!!! I am looking forward to seeing the area. Canmore is located in the Canadian Rockies, I will post images from the area, I hear it is like Tahoe but better... if that is possible. I am hoping it does not rain or snow too much, I want to see Bampff (Sp?). I am looking forward to taking a much needed vacation.
-We just did two wonderful weddings last weekend, we are looking forward to posting those images.
- The above image is Stephanie and Matt's engagment photo, their wedding is 10/24/08 at the newcastle wedding gardens, the photo of the cat I thought was just so funny I had to post it.

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