Monday, July 14, 2008

Christeen & Ben Farley's Wedding - Lake Tahoe

Tahoe weddings are so much fun, we truly enjoyed Christeen and Ben's wedding. Lindsey and I went up to Tahoe the day of their wedding. When we arrived in Christeen's room in the suite at Cal Neva Resort she had already had her make-up done and was resting on the couch. Her girls where next door getting their make-up done while she was studying her vows that she wrote. We went ahead and went to the ceremony reception site at the North Lake Tahoe Covention Center. WOW it did not look like any convention centers we have been to. It was location on Kings Beach and the ceremony backdrop was the beach. We where pleasantly surprised when we saw the black and red decorations and the really stunning details. They had a music note ice sculpture, their cake was a teared beauty, and they had wine glasses that had their quote Health, Wealth, and Prosperity. We met up with the guys and did some quick photos on the beach with Ben but quickly got him inside because Christeen was arriving. We got her getting ready in her room then because of time constraints waited to do her portraits after the ceremony. We took the guys down to the beach and got some great photos of them having a blast. The ceremony was romantic, luckily I was informed that one of the ring bearers was going to play a joke and throw a fake ring onto the beach, but for reasons that I do not know it did not happen. The ceremony was presented by a friend of the couple that introduced them. Ben wore sunglasses through the ceremony, but it did not hide the tears and feelings that he clearly felt for his new bride. After the beautiful ceremony we took the family and bridal party down to the beach, because of the bright sunlight we had some fun with the girl in the sun, their beautiful red dresses and well done make-up allowed for this to happen, most girls I wouldn't even consider this. Christina and Ben practiced during the posed portraits their dance moves for their first dance. The sky was so blue and the water stunning. After we did some photos we went into the reception where Christina and Ben did their first dance, where if I remember right they had only practiced for 2 weeks. (Amazing guys!!! ) We went into dinner, it was a wonderful spread of several different selections. After the couple ate, we went out on the beach for some more photos. I could just tell they had so much love for each other. The reception continued with some amazing speaches. The father of the groom had some great inspiring stories, and Ben was a wonderful speaker, walking around the room while telling about their story. The party got crazy after that, the DJ was a FM 102 DJ and he knew how to get the party going. The dance floor was full all night, including the brides father and mother and many guests til the end. Thank you Christina and Ben for having us on your wedding day, we had so much fun. We also look forward to doing trash the dress soon. Christeen is going to get into her dress and go wake boarding while Ben drives the boat. Keep an eye out for those photos. Images to come we are having problems uploading them at this time.

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